When you look at a row of heavy equipment, you may think that the tractor is one of the easiest and safest pieces of equipment to handle. This equipment seems straightforward but things do go wrong – even with the tractor.

Here are few heavy equipment safety tips that can keep you out of trouble when you are driving the tractor.

  • Watch what kind of clothes you wear. When you get up in the morning for work, think logically about it. Don’t wear loose fitting clothes. This may seem obvious, but for some people it isn’t. Loose fitting clothes and tractors (or any other kind of heavy equipment) do not mix and is a big heavy equipment safety concern. If it is cold, wearing long or excessively baggy jackets or a warm winter scarf, will keep you warm but can also kill you. Wear a neck-warmer if you need to drive a tractor in the cold. Make sure your clothes can not get caught on anything.
  • Watch your speed. Work shouldn’t be a race. Tractors are heavy and that additional weight can make them quite difficult to stop. Most tractor injuries involve rollovers. If you stick to a speed that is sage and by the book, you will reduce this risk.
  • Inclines can be dangerous. What goes up must come down. Do not try to drive a tractor up or down steep hills. If you are on an incline there is a much greater chance of rollover. Most tractors are not suitable or driving in steep terrain.

Tractors are versatile equipment that that will always be around. But, like any kind of equipment, you need to be aware that there are dangers involved. If you want to learn to drive a tractor, consider attending our heavy equipment professional training school, the Heavy Construction Academy.